i know but idk
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Freja Beha Erichsen by Collier Schorr, I-D February 2009

going to see iceage again in 3 weeks, it’s gonna be like a family reunion. already lost count of how many people i know will be there. it’s going to be fu cking a maz ing 


Merchandise ~ True Monument

i’ve realized a major problem i have is linking things together and attaching meaning to things that should just be left alone. it’s exciting, but i’m way too specific and sentimental, and when one thing fucks up it destroys the whole chain of meaning i’ve developed and the value i’ve placed on it. time and time again.


Alexander Ferrario by Hadar Pitchon - Backstage at Skingraft SS15

Tamara Gonzales


The Ukiah Drag - Drip From The Fang

In The Reaper’s Quarters LP

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