Gotta have all my negatives re-scanned, here’s one that made it. Elias of Iceage I snapped last week.
iceage at apiary studios, london - friday 15th august 2014

Bitter Moon.

I’ve been up since 6:30 am for my awful job I can’t quit because I need insurance then tonight went to my extra job and just got home at 3 am but I’m not even tired because set was amazing, the scenes were amazing, there were fun people to talk to, nice crew, good food. Like I can’t sleep because I’m in such a good mood from being happy for a little bit of time.


Vivien Solari in Hit ResetKarim Sadli for Vogue UK August 2014

Make Yourself At Home

Dylan Rieder and Kati Nescher posed for this after we shot all the stuff for Dylan’s shoe release stuff.
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